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Who's Who in Billing

by Juliana Dalessandro | Apr 8, 2019

In keeping pace with our rapid expansion, the billing team would like to introduce their fellow Warriors to the members of the billing team in case you or our patients need their help.  

Meet the Team:

Please make note, Fanisesa Ligon will be our new contact person for patient balances and payment inquiries.  Please direct our patients to Fanisesa for any inquires with our patient balance accounts needs.   Her contact information is as follows:

Fanisesa Ligon – 615-425-0220 ext. 10365 Email: Fligon@cleanslatecenters.com

Also, Please make note of the billing team contact information for any other needs:

Adrianne Johnson

ext. 10367

Reimbursement Specialist

Amanda Adkisson

ext. 10363

Reimbursement Specialist

Brittan Nolan

ext. 10364

Reimbursement Specialist

Fanisesa Ligon

ext. 10365

Reimbursement Specialist

Kimberly Johnson

ext. 10361

Cash Reconciliation Specialist

Lyndsey Russell

ext. 10020

Reimbursement Specialist

Lynn Walker

ext. 10359

Billing Manager

Marquisha Hogan

ext. 10312

Cash Poster

Rochelle Killen

ext. 10366

Reimbursement Specialist

Walkeria Golden

ext. 10368

Reimbursement Specialist

Have a great week! Together We Succeed!

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Juliana Dalessandro

Juliana Dalessandro is the Manager of Organizational Culture & Engagement for CleanSlate, a leading national medical group that provides office-based outpatient medication treatment for the chronic disease of addiction, primarily alcohol and opioid use disorders.

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