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RESPECT & COMPASSION ALWAYS: Muncie, IN Program Staff Go the Extra Mile in Patient Support

by Carol Fite Lynn | Jul 2, 2019

Julie Clifton, Center Manager for the CleanSlate center in Muncie, Indiana, shared the below email from a patient regarding the exceptional support he felt beginning his journey to recovery. We'd like to extend a special thanks to Kasie Power, Physician Assistant, and Jasmine Van Buskirk, Medical Assistant/Medical Receptionist. for living the CleanSlate core values every day to make sure our patients feel welcome and supported throughout their treatment at the Muncie center. 

Hi Kasie,

I just wanted to tell you thanks again for all you are doing for me, and the help you provide for others. I am all alone in this world with no support system. I guess I am just not one to throw in the towel, accept things the way they are, and give up. As you know, I am about to go through something very difficult. Something that most people cannot do. I know I don't know you or Jasmine personally or very well, but somehow you guys have became my strength and my rock. You both are very amazing, and I want the two of you to know how much I appreciate you guys. Remember that if you can help one person, you have made a world of difference. My hope is that the two of you will see the real me in the near future. This medicine hi-jacks your life and all that you are! Thanks again and wish me success and some luck.



Kasie Power

Kasie Power, Physician Assistant - Muncie, IN

Jasmine Van Buskirk

Jasmine Van Buskirk, Medical Assistant/Medical Receptionist - Muncie, IN

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Carol Fite Lynn is the Director of Communications for CleanSlate, a leading national medical group that provides outpatient medication-assisted treatment for the chronic disease of addiction, primarily alcohol and opioid use disorders.

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