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Respect & Compassion Always: A Grateful Patient Says, "Thank You"

by Amy Magras | Jun 11, 2018

Every day, we Warriors are doing our best to take care of patients and treat them with the utmost dignity and respect. We're just doing our jobs, but for our patients this level of care means everything. Here's a letter from a former patient that I just received and had to share. It's touching to see how the extra spirit we bring to our mission is noticed and appreciated by the people in our care.

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Engagement Leads to Innovation at CleanSlate

by Arlene Rivie | May 31, 2018
I wanted to share an insightful "Trendicator" report from employee engagement firm Engage 2Excel. It's the first in a three-part series that the company has just released: Measuring Engagement to Improve Your Company's Competitive Advantage. This report provides best practices insights for HR and business leaders who seek to better understand how to measure, manage and improve employee engagement to drive organizational success. And it's information that all of us Warriors should keep in mind as we lead and engage our company and community in the battle against addiction.
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"I Was a Good Mom Before, And Now I Am Again"

by Ned Pucek | May 16, 2018
The comments below remind me why we do what we do. When I get tired and stressed, notes like this keep me going. It’s not just our patients we help. We help families, friends, and communities.  It’s exponential. 
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An Encounter that was "Meant To Be"

by Jessica Judd | May 16, 2018

I just wanted to forward you this story from one of our Care Coordinators from Texas. Heidi is in our Keller, TX location and thought this was such a cool story to share and a perfect example of why we do what we do here at CleanSlate!

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A Warrior Steps Up

by Julie Clifton | May 16, 2018
I'm pleased to announce that Linda (Katie) Delph has been promoted from MA/MR to Care Coordinator in Anderson, IN, as of 5/21. Katie has been with the Anderson Center since August 2017.
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Celebrating a Warrior's 5 Years of Service

by Eltahir Elbakri | May 15, 2018
  I'd like to recognize Dr. Lawrence Spatz, PhD, Toxicologist, for 5 years of service as the Main Lab Director at CleanSlate.
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Welcome, Warrior!

by Marisa Nyikos | May 15, 2018

I'd like to welcome a new Warrior: Angie Cox, the new Care Coordinator for the Elkhart, Indiana center.

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On National Lab Week, Gratitude for Our Warriors in the Lab

by Eltahir Elbakri | May 15, 2018

National Lab Week was recently observed and we at CleanSlate could not be more grateful for our entire lab team!

Our Lab Warriors work tirelessly to ensure that all of CleanSlate's laboratory needs are met day in and day out. This small but mighty team of eight people manages thousands of tests, conducting over 100K tests for Q1 this year, with the numbers increasing throughout the year.

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Respect & Partnership: It's How We Enter New Communities Like Louisville, Even Before Our Doors Are Open

by Cory McConnell | Apr 26, 2018
From the desk of Cory McConnell:
Hello from Louisville! When I checked in at a hotel tonight, I spent close to 40 minutes chatting with the lady at the desk, whose spouse is struggling in treatment. She is needing resources to help her, as well as to help him. I asked for her email and our exchange is below. I sent her Brian’s story from the blog, as well as some local Louisville resources too. Although the story on the blog didn’t have a direct resource for her locally, it was a story of encouragement and hope. Thanks for the content and for helping to give this woman hope.
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Warriors: We Want Your Feedback

by Bob Wilson | Apr 16, 2018

Good afternoon, Warriors! 

There have been a lot of positive changes during 2017. We are beginning to reach more patients and we continue to grow as a company. Our strength is in our culture of putting our patients first and our mission to save their lives.  A big part of that is making sure that we maintain this culture through how we communicate with you and the environment we create for you to do your work.

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