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KNOW YOUR BENEFITS: 10 Easy Ways to Stretch Your Health Care Dollars

by Bob Wilson | Oct 30, 2019

This week we continue our pre-Benefits Open Enrollment series to help you get to know the benefits available to you. We've created the fact sheet below with 10 Easy Ways to Stretch Your Health Care Dollars. Click the link below to download the fact sheet. I've also outlined some of the information below.

10 Easy Ways to Stretch Your Health Care Dollars

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You’ve no doubt noticed that each year, your health care costs go up. This continuing trend can significantly impact your budget. While it’s difficult to control all the factors that contribute to rising health care costs, stretching your health care dollars is easier than you think with these 10 easy ways to get the most bang for your buck.

1. Understand how your health plan works.

2. Use in-network providers.

3. Look into freestanding surgical and diagnostic centers.

4. Ask your doctor about home testing and monitoring devices.

5. Only go to the hospital emergency room for true emergencies.

6. Carefully check all medical bills.

7. Use any additional programs or discounts provided by your employer or health plan.

8. Live a healthy lifestyle.

9. Make careful decisions about prescription drugs. 

10. Use a health care spending account to pay for medical expenses with pre-tax money.

As always, please feel free to reach out to peopleservices@cleanslatecenters.com with any benefits-related questions. And be sure to look for more from our KNOW YOUR BENEFITS series next week. 



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