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Halloween Costume Contest Winners

by Arlene Rivie | Nov 19, 2018

Thanks again for showing your warrior spirit with very creative Halloween costumes this year! The following are our 2018 winners: 


Clown - Northhampton

Evil Clown from our Northampton, MA Call Center 
Jazlyn V., Patient Support Agent II 


Emojis - Athol

Office Emojis from our Athol, MA center 

Eric - Security Guard - Poop EmojiAnastasya B. - Care Coordinator - Baby Belly EmojiAmy N. - LDAC - Silly Face EmojiSandi F. - Medical Assistant - Cool EmojiJoanne P. - Nurse Practitioner - Surprised EmojiJacinta S. - Medical Receptionist - Upside Down Emoji

Candy - Springfield

CleanSlate's Sugar Rush Candies from our Springfield, MA center

James B. - Center Manager, Jamie C. - APC, Sarah P. - Medical Receptionist, Erica W. - MA/MR, Jose M. - Care Coordinator, Margarita R. - Medical Assistant, Sheila C. - Medical Assistant


Scrabble - Merrillville

Scrabble Warriors for Hope from our Merriville, IN center

Gabriela S. - MA/MR, Amanda K. - Medical Assistant, Jennifer B. - Care Coordinator, Dr. Dennison - Medical Director, Aaron L. - PA, Karen B. - Center Manager, Dayna A. - MA/MR


Snow White Zombie - Scranton

Snow White Zombie and her Seven Dwarfs from our Scranton, PA center

Clarissa W. - Care Coordinator - Snow White Zombie, Megan G. - MA - Sneezy, Linda M. - CRS - Grumpy, Tammy M. - CC - Happy, Dr. Mark Bohn - Bashful, Dominique S. - MR - Dopey,

Alisa S. - CM - Doc, Crystal G. - MA Trainer - Sleepy


Picture of Arlene Rivie

Arlene Rivie

Arlene Rivie is a People Services Business Partner for CleanSlate, a leading national medical group that provides office-based outpatient medication treatment for the chronic disease of addiction, primarily alcohol and opioid use disorders.

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