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CleanSlate's Code of Conduct is Our Cultural True North

by Greg Marotta | Aug 8, 2018

_MG_0930-716417-edited-741679-editedDear Warriors for Hope:

As a healthcare firm operating in a highly regulated environment, we at CleanSlate are committed to honest and ethical behavior and to delivering our services and conducting business with the highest integrity.

CleanSlate’s Code of Conduct is the keystone of our corporate integrity philosophy and outlines our ethical business standards. Our Code of Conduct represents who we are as an organization, and to a great extent, as individuals. The Code of Conduct serves as the cultural True North, for our patients, staff, management, vendors, and other stakeholders that interact with CleanSlate. Behaving honestly, ethically and with integrity is an individual responsibility as well. We are accountable for the actions we take and for the way we make decisions every day and need to be mindful that it is a privilege to care for our neighbors, friends and family members.

The Compliance Department oversees our Compliance Integrity Program, established to demonstrate our commitment to conducting our business with integrity. The Compliance Integrity Program is a contract among all of us to make the right business choices, in other words, we will always do the right thing. It provides the foundation for us to hold ourselves and others accountable, to be trustworthy and expect it from our colleagues and external partners, to communicate and share information in a transparent way and demands that all this be done with integrity. The Compliance Integrity Plan, with the Code of Conduct at its core, is a critical component of how we achieve our mission and vision and it provides the safety net for us as we strive to behave according to our core values:

  • Patients First.

  • Together We Succeed

  • Respect and Compassion Always

  • Science and Medicine Matter

  • Everyday Innovation

At CleanSlate, we are the stewards of our reputation for ethical business practices and our standing as a national leader in the field of addiction medicine. We remain committed to delivering the highest quality patient care in compliance with our Code of Conduct.

Together We Succeed.


CleanSlate Code of Conduct booklets were emailed to every employee on Thursday, July 19th and will be sent again shortly for electronic signature. If you have questions or would like another copy, please contact Jessica Rigsby at jrigsby@cleanslatecenters.com
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Greg Marotta

Greg Marotta is the President and CEO of CleanSlate, a leading national medical group that provides office-based outpatient medication treatment for the chronic disease of addiction, primarily alcohol and opioid use disorders.

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