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Indy Police: CleanSlate May be a Reason for Fewer OD Calls

by James Evans | Apr 12, 2018

It's been an exciting week.

On the heels of our official ribbon-cutting event (more on that in a minute), I met with some local police officers yesterday in Indianapolis. I wanted to share the anecdotal story they told me.

When talking with the officers, I was telling them about our program and our dedication to helping our communities. I told them that our Indy sites are going strong, and described the success they're having since we started seeing patients in December.

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Warrior Spotlight: Kendria Willis, MA/MR in Bloomington, Indiana

by James Evans | Feb 16, 2018

What does CleanSlate mean to you?:  In the short time, I have been with CleanSlate, this company has meant a lot to me. With CleanSlate, you know that the company truly values and cares for its employees and patients.

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This is What Keeps Us Going

by James Evans | Jan 22, 2018

Bloomington, Indiana:  One of our first patients in the new Bloomington location walked in by chance. The patient was walking down the street to buy dope from his dealer and happened to notice people coming inside our site. Instead of purchasing heroin as he planned, he walked in, and our fantastic MA/MR team (Kassandra Ramos and Kendria Willis) started to help him and make him feel comfortable and welcomed.

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