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CleanSlate Wellness Initiative Survey

by Heather Wardrop | Sep 18, 2019

CleanSlate values you as an important part of our team. We want you to know that your health, well-being, and supportive work culture is important to our organization.

CleanSlate is interested in developing an official wellness program in 2020. The catalyst for this initiative is direct feedback from our colleagues in the field and results from the culture survey conducted late last year.

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Warrior Workplace Wellness Tips

by Heather Wardrop | Jun 5, 2019

Feeling tired and worn out? Lost that creative spark? Need an energy boost for the work hours?

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Life Event FAQs

by Heather Wardrop | May 22, 2019

Life Event FAQ’s

There are two times during the year in which employees are eligible to make insurance benefits changes. One occurs during open enrollment towards the end of the calendar year, the other occurs when an employee has a life event.

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Changes to Cigna's Specialty Pharmacy

by Heather Wardrop | May 22, 2019

Accredo® will be Cigna’s preferred specialty pharmacy

Earlier this year, we announced that Express Scripts is now part of Cigna. We are excited to share that along with this combination, Accredo, a specialty pharmacy (part of Express Scripts’ portfolio of services), will be Cigna’s preferred specialty pharmacy starting later this year. This means that customers who use Cigna Specialty Pharmacy today will now receive their specialty pharmacy services from Accredo, a Cigna company. Cigna's current in-house specialty pharmacy will be integrated into Accredo.

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Live Well, Work Well - The Benefits of Volunteering

by Heather Wardrop | May 13, 2019


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How's Your Financial Health?

by Heather Wardrop | Apr 26, 2019

Managing Financial Stress

Is money a constant worry for you? It may even be overwhelming at times, but you’re not alone. In fact, 69% of U.S workers report being stressed over finances.

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Let's Talk Retirement - Learning Sessions with John Hancock

by Heather Wardrop | Apr 22, 2019

Want to learn more about the 401(k) benefits through John Hancock?

If you’re not participating in our company’s retirement plan, you may be missing out of one of the most powerful financial benefits we offer.

A retirement plan is a powerful savings tool that millions of Americans currently use to help them prepare for their retirement.  And you can too!

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Health & Wellness Discounts!

by Heather Wardrop | Apr 10, 2019

Did you know?

If you are a member of a Cigna medical plan through CleanSlate you are eligible for health and wellness discounts under Cigna’s Healthy Rewards program

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Did You Know? - 401(k) Edition

by Heather Wardrop | Apr 8, 2019

401(k) Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a 401(k) plan?

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Did you know?

by Heather Wardrop | Mar 25, 2019

Did you know that CleanSlate Centers benefits include a health advocate?

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