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Reputation Management: What Does It Really Mean?

by Amy Brunson | Feb 14, 2020

Many of you have heard me talk about our Google review star rating or something called a Net Promoter Score (NPS). Why are these things important to CleanSlate? We use a Reputation platform that collects all our reviews from Google and Facebook and provides us a tool in which to send Patient Satisfaction surveys. This allow us to better understand how our patients and the communities we serve feel about us. In addiction care in particular, reputation is critically important as 45 percent of our patients find us via a friend, family member or current patient! These reviews also allow us to identify any issues or problems, be they individual or collective, so we may act upon them in a timely manner.

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CleanSlate Centers Have New Signage!

by Amy Brunson | Aug 2, 2019

In an effort to bring all our centers up to brand standards and ensure we are fully complaint, all CleanSlate centers are currently receiving new signage. These signs cover all forms of patient communication from lab testing to a summary of fees to our core values. All include the CleanSlate Outpatient Addiction Medicine logo, use our specific blue and green brand colors and reflect a Spanish translation as required.

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New Patient Testimonial Video Available on YouTube

by Amy Brunson | Aug 2, 2019

Please see the video below from two of our Louisville patients who were kind enough to share their stories of addiction and recovery with CleanSlate.  Thank you very much to the patients for sharing their stories with us, as well as the Louisville centers and employees for letting us invade their space!  We encourage everyone to share this on their social media pages.  Let's work together to share how CleanSlate is helping save lives! 

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What To Do When The Media Contacts You

by Amy Brunson | May 13, 2019

What do I do when someone from the media contacts me?

Sometimes, as employees of CleanSlate, a news reporter, someone from a blog or publication or perhaps even a documentary filmmaker will contact us directly. What should you do when this happens? We are here to help! Marketing and Communications has resources, messaging and media training available when you need it.

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CleanSlate Presents at the National Rx Summit

by Amy Brunson | May 1, 2019

Last week, our very own Chief Clinical Officer, Tracey Cohen, MD and Director, HCV Clinical Integration, Phyllis Losikoff, MD presented at the Rx Drug Abuse Summit in Atlanta, Georgia on the integration of chronic Hepatitis C treatment in conjunction with our addiction treatment services.

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Exciting News from the Communications Team

by Amy Brunson | Mar 21, 2019

The Communications department has added a new Warrior for Hope to the team.  Carol Fite Lynn, Director of Communications, has welcomed the newest member of her family, a baby girl named Hazel born on March 20th.  Both Mom and Hazel are doing great!  

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