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Allstate Hospital Indemnity Benefit

by Heather Wardrop | Feb 26, 2019

Did you know CleanSlate may help pcover some of the expenses if you or a covered family member are admitted to the hospital?

Any team member who participates in the CleanSlate Cigna Core Plan or Buy-Up Plan is eligible for the Allstate Hospital Indemnity benefit.

Hospital indemnity

Details about the Allstate Hospital Indemnity Benefit:

  • You are eligible if you are enrolled in the OAP Core Plan or the OAP Buy-Up Plan.
  • This benefit is 100 percent paid for by CleanSlate.
  • This benefit helps pay for expenses should you or a covered family member be confined to a hospital.
  • It is portable and applies to each covered person.
  • Please reach out to People Service to apply to use the benefit or see the Hospital Indemnity claim form and instructions.

For a short explanation on how this benefit works please view this brief Hospital Indemnity video: http://www.allstatevoluntary.com/videos/gim2.htm.

For more information about this CleanSlate benefit, please see the attached Allstate benefits brochure. Contact hr@cleanslatecenters.com with additional questions.

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