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Ultipro Tips & Tricks: Time Sheets

by Christy Sutton | Jan 30, 2019

This week People Services is pleased to provide you with helpful tips on how to enter a time sheet in Ultipro and a guide for managers on how to approve and edit time sheets for their teams.

Below is the 2019 Pay Calendar for reference. All time sheets are due every Monday at 10 AM Eastern Time. 

You can use these links to the Payroll time sheet guides to help you fill out and submit your individual time sheet or for managers to approve and edit time sheets for their teams. 

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CEO Weekly Message - January 30, 2019

by Greg Marotta | Jan 30, 2019

TOGETHER WE SUCCEED: Williamsport, PA Physician Jenna Stokes-Jenkins Shares Touching Story of Patient's Success

by Carol Fite Lynn | Jan 30, 2019

Thank you to our Williamsport, Pa. physician Jenna Stokes-Jenkins for sharing the below story with of one of her patient's amazing stories of success. By working together with Dr. Stokes-Jenkins to follow the care plan, both doctor and patient were deeply moved by this monumental victory on the path to recovery. 

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Start a "Warrior Wins" Jar at Your Center

by Juliana Dalessandro | Jan 30, 2019

The Culture Committee is pleased to share another idea with you to launch at your local center. The "Warrior Wins" jar is a receptacle for colleagues to write down memorable moments, accomplishments, new experiences, highlights, etc. on a piece of paper and place them in the jar. This helps document all the CleanSlate successes - both large and small - at your center throughout the year. At the beginning of 2020, you can read them all aloud to reflect on your victories as a team. 

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#WhatMadeYourWeek from Worcester, MA Certified Recovery Specialist Heather Burke

by Carol Fite Lynn | Jan 30, 2019

We are proud to share this week's #WhatMadeYourWeek post from Heather Burke, our Certified Recovery Specialist in Worcester, Mass. A patient's father asked Heather to share the below message with other Warriors for Hope all across CleanSlate.

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CleanSlate Anniversaries, Birthdays and New Hires - Week of January 28

by Arlene Rivie | Jan 30, 2019


  • Peter Yeracaris - Physician - New Bedford, MA -  4 years - January 28
  • Sarah Pazos - Medical Assistant - Springfield, MA - 6 years - January 28
  • Kelly Douglass - Nurse Practitioner - Williamsport, PA - 1 year - January 29
  • Nicole Wagner - Nurse Practitioner - Holyoke, MA - 1 year - January 29
  • Sarah Eli - Physician Assistant - Indianapolis, IN - 1 year - January 29
  • Shannon Witt - Nurse Practitioner - Louisville, KY - 1 year - January 29
  • Tania Lozada Cobos - Medical Assistant - Fitchburg, MA - 1 year - January 29
  • William Wolfe - Physician - Anderson, IN - 1 year - January 29
  • Rebecca Bailey - Medical Receptionist - Hartford, CT - 2 years - January 30
  • Susan Adams - Medical Receptionist - Ware, MA - 5 years - February 1
  • Mireya Wessolossky - Physician - Worcester, MA - 4 years - February 3

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Ultipro Tips & Tricks: Employee Self Service Tools

by Christy Sutton | Jan 23, 2019

This week People Services is pleased to provide you with a helpful guide to all of the features you can manage yourself in Ultipro. By using the Ultipro Employee Self Service Guide, you can make real-time updates to your Ultipro account in the following categories: 

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Keep the Slate Clean through the CleanSlate Reportline

by Neil Kunkel | Jan 23, 2019

CEO Weekly Message - January 23, 2019

by Greg Marotta | Jan 23, 2019

Lynn, Mass. Nurse Practitioner Raises Money for Boston Marathon

by Carol Fite Lynn | Jan 23, 2019

Amie Begin, Nurse Practitioner in Lynn, Mass., is gearing up for the race of a lifetime to help fund research for liver disease -- a diagnosis that impacts many of our CleanSlate patients. Amie will be working toward a goal of raising $7,5000 for the American Liver Foundation: Liver Life Challenge as she competes in the Boston Marathon on April 15. 

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