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Elkhart Center Participates in Opioid Forum at University of Indiana South Bend

by Juliana Dalessandro | Apr 23, 2019

The Elkhart Center recently participated in a community forum on the opioid crisis at Indiana University South Bend. There was a panel discussion along with resource tables and our Care Coordinator, Becky Acevedo, helped staff the table to share information about CleanSlate, our mission and how we are prepared to help those in need. 

CleanSlate participated in the resource fair and the auditorium for the panel discussion was packed with standing room only with at least 200 people in attendance.

There were other service providers there as well, such as agencies like the Department of Child Services and Narcotics Anonymous.  The panel had a wide representation including employees from the County Prosecutor's office, the Health Department, a Veterans advocate, as well as a someone in recovery.

"I think that events like this are important to draw in the community so that they can ask questions and see what their community is doing to try and help it's residents. I love attending these events, not only because we get the opportunity to get information in the hands of those that might need it, but also because we get to collaborate with other treatment or community service providers.

Sometimes we discover new resources that will allow us to help our patients even more. Last night we discovered a new counseling agency that is very affordable as well as a Sober Living House. We are now asking that the same group that hosted this event in South Bend (in our neighboring county) will host another in Elkhart!" - Marisa Nyikos, Center Manager Elkhart and Warsaw 

If you would like to share stories similar to this, please email them to warriorsforhope@cleanslatecenters.com and they could be featured in the next newsletter!


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CleanSlate Anniversaries, Birthdays and New Hires - Week of April 22

by Arlene Rivie | Apr 22, 2019


  • Angela Cox – Care Coordinator  Lafayette, IN  1 year  April 23
  • Arianna Vazquez – Medical Assistant Worcester, MA – 1 year  April 23
  • Cris Carl – LADC-1 Supervisor  Greenfield, MA – 1 year  April 23
  • Edgard Pinto – Software Engineer  Brentwood, TN –1 year  April 23
  • Samm Miller – QA Engineer  Holyoke, MA – 1 year  April 23
  • Patricia Corkum – Nurse Practitioner  Springfield, MA – 2 years  April 24
  • Scott Snyder – VP of Talent Acquisition 2 years  April 24
  • Ashlee Erti – Care Coordinator  Worcester, MA  3 years  April 25
  • Joan Erwin – Sr VP of Expansion/Ops  Northampton, MA  8 years  April 26
  • Keri Boe – Office Manager  Brentwood, TN  3 years  April 27
  • Lisa Taylor – Physician – Plymouth, MA  years  April 28


  • Edgard Pinto  Software Engineer  Brentwood, TN  April 23
  • Lisa Vollman Center Manager  Williamsport, PA  April 23
  • Kathleen Sylvester Nurse Practitioner  Greenfield, MA  April 24
  • Aaron Longale  Physician Assistant  Merrillville, IN  April 25
  • Karli Morse Medical Receptionist  Plymouth, MA  April 25
  • Sharon Wheeler  Quality Assurance Lead  Northampton, MA  April 25
  • Edward Pucek Division President of Ops  April 26
  • Michelle Aldrich Nurse Practitioner  Wilkes Barre, PA  April 26
  • Richard Lapham Medical Assistant  Plymouth, MA  April 26
  • Hoang Trinh Physician Assistant  Western, MA  April 27
  • Susan Poole  Medical Assistant  Anderson, IN  April 27
  • Brooke Feldman Center Manager  Philadelphia, PA  April 28
  • Simone Young Medical Assistant  Hartford, CT April 28


  • Amie Southard Medical Assistant  Pittsfield, MA  April 22
  • Carrie Erwine  Care Coordinator  Wilkes Barre, PA  April 22
  • Dan Lemieux  Physician  Milwaukee, WI (UCC S 6th)  April 22
  • Deborah Cortlandt – Medical Director  Racine, WI  April 22
  • Harli Duddie  Medical Receptionist  Worcester, MA  April 22
  • Jose Azocar Area Medical Director  Lawrence, MA  April 22
  • Karli Morse Medical Receptionist – Plymouth, MA –  April 22
  • Katherine Seder Medical Assistant  Plymouth, MA  April 26
  • Samantha Peavler Medical Receptionist  Louisville, KY  April 26

If you would like to recognize a team member by sending an e-card for their anniversary, birthday, or to welcome them to the team, visit the Warriors Excelling Recognition program portal today by following this link: https://cleanslatepro.engage2excel.com/. 

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Let's Talk Retirement - Learning Sessions with John Hancock

by Heather Wardrop | Apr 22, 2019

Want to learn more about the 401(k) benefits through John Hancock?

If you’re not participating in our company’s retirement plan, you may be missing out of one of the most powerful financial benefits we offer.

A retirement plan is a powerful savings tool that millions of Americans currently use to help them prepare for their retirement.  And you can too!

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Warrior Spotlight - Natasha Bair, Alexandria, IN

by Juliana Dalessandro | Apr 22, 2019

This week'sWarrior Spotlight is on Natasha Bair, Medical Assistant in Alexandria, IN.  Natasha's Center Manager, Julie Clifton shared an awesome story about Natasha going the extra mile to create a stronger bond with our patients. 

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Warrior Spotlight - Allyson Silva, Plymouth, MA

by Juliana Dalessandro | Apr 17, 2019

This week's Warrior Spotlight is on Allyson Silva, Care Coordinator in Plymouth, MA.  Allyson's Center Manager, Shannon DeMille wanted to put the spotlight on Ally because she continuously goes above and beyond for her patients so they can truly achieve the lives they want and deserve.  Thank you for sharing these stories, Shannon, and thank you, Ally for everything you do for our patients and for embodying the Warrior Spirit everyday.

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Greg Needs Our Help - CEO Weekly Message - April 17, 2019

by Greg Marotta | Apr 17, 2019

Center Spotlight - Scranton, PA

by Juliana Dalessandro | Apr 16, 2019

Scranton's Center Manager, Alisa Scarantino submitted a quick story to put the limelight on the Scranton team who recently completed their Basic Life Support certification emphasizing that Science and Medicine matter. Thank you to the entire team for living our values everyday! 

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Celebrating National Pet Day - April 11, 2019

by Juliana Dalessandro | Apr 15, 2019

April 11th was National Pet Day and the Culture Committee thought it would be a fun opportunity to showcase our employees' adorable pets.  Meet our fluffy, furry and feathered Warriors for Hope!

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CleanSlate Anniversaries and Birthdays - Week of April 15

by Arlene Rivie | Apr 15, 2019


  • Deevia Patel  Physician  Springfield, MA  4 years  April 16
  • Wes Cannon – VP of Strategic Initiatives  Brentwood, TN – 1 year  April 16
  • Chenoa Johnson-Adams – Center Manager  Arlington, TX – 2 years  April 17
  • Jody Clark – Center Manager  Hartford, CT – 2 years  April 17
  • Precious Washington – Medical Receptionist  Arlington, TX – 2 years  April 17
  • Rita Allender – Medical Assistant  Arlington, TX – 2 years  April 17
  • Peter MacNeill – LADC-I  Fitchburg, MA – 1 year  April 20
  • Estefani Cruz – Center Supervisor  East Boston, MA  5 years  April 21


  • Bill Becker - Center Manager - Indianapolis, IN - April 15
  • Krista Gessner - Medical Assistant - Fort Wayne, IN - April 16
  • Cheryl Vandivier - Medical Receptionist - Indianapolis, IN - April 17
  • Donna Walker - Billing Manager - Nashville, TN - April 17
  • Michelle Nerdrum - Medical Assistant - Racine, WI - April 17
  • Brenda Bryson - Center Manager - Glendale, WI - April 18
  • James Evans - Center Manager - Bloomington, IN - April 19
  • Robin Buckingham - Physician Assistant - Holyoke, MA - April 19
  • Maria Gallo – Physician - Greenfield, MA - April 20

If you would like to recognize a team member by sending an e-card for their anniversary, birthday, or to welcome them to the team, visit the Warriors Excelling Recognition program portal today by following this link: https://cleanslatepro.engage2excel.com/.

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Exciting Changes in the Preceptor Program

by Bob Wilson | Apr 10, 2019

Greetings CleanSlate Team:

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