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A Word About Our New Warriors for Hope Blog and Newsletter

by Bob Wilson | Feb 18, 2018

From the February Warriors newsletter:

CleanSlate Warriors:

I'm pleased to send our latest Warrior update in this streamlined format, which links to our brand new Warriors for Hope Blog. CleanSlate's profound Warrior culture is simply too inspirational to be hidden away, so we created a special Warriors blog on the CleanSlate website. While we also have a general CleanSlate blog for mainstream news, the Warriors blog is a separate section that focuses on updates about and from our people.

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Warrior Spotlight: Dr. Todd Fausnaught, Area Medical Director of Pennsylvania

by Dr. Maria Russo-Appel | Feb 16, 2018
  From Dr. Maria Russo-Appel, Eastern Division Medical Director:
I would like to take a moment to publicly thank Dr. Todd Fausnaught.
Todd stepped right up to the plate to become one of leads in referral development in Philadelphia at the expense of his own personal life, flying down to Philly nearly every week. He gets meetings arranged, makes contacts and gives thorough feedback to all of us on the Philly team. This is all in conjunction with managing our other three sites in PA and carrying a caseload and participating in committee work. He does all of this with great enthusiasm. He has become a true leader in Pennsylvania and I am personally grateful to him for his leadership.
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Warrior Spotlight: Kendria Willis, MA/MR in Bloomington, Indiana

by James Evans | Feb 16, 2018

What does CleanSlate mean to you?:  In the short time, I have been with CleanSlate, this company has meant a lot to me. With CleanSlate, you know that the company truly values and cares for its employees and patients.

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Warrior Gratitude on National Send a Card to a Friend Day

by Arlene Rivie | Feb 16, 2018

In the spirit of our mission, vision, and values, on November 1st CleanSlate launched its first employee recognition program, “Warriors Excelling," to recognize employee successes, milestones, achievements and to celebrate team members who embrace our values.

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Spot Bonus Winners of the Week

by Rachael Thompson | Feb 16, 2018
Put your hands together for our Warriors of the Week!
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Warrior Brian Coonan: "Addiction, Epidemic, and the Solution"

by Brian Coonan | Feb 16, 2018

You know someone. We all do. You know someone that has declared their own personal war against addiction. Worse yet, addiction has accepted the challenge and is taking the fight to them. To you. To our community.

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CleanSlate in the News: "Cuts to Worcester Transit Concern Medication Treatment Patients"

by Dr. Flora Sadri | Feb 12, 2018

"...Flora Sadri, area medical director for Western Massachusetts at CleanSlate Addiction Centers, also expressed concern. CleanSlate, on Chandler Street, specializes in the outpatient treatment of alcohol, opioid, tobacco and other drug dependencies using such medication treatments as Suboxone and Vivitrol. Ms. Sadri said that the clinic specializes in accommodating underserved populations and helps approximately 750 people - “a high percentage” of whom depend on the buses for transportation..."

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Warrior Boot Camp: Reactions to the Referral Development Training Retreat 

by Erica Kafka | Feb 9, 2018

On February 8th and 9th, the second referral development for Cleanslate was held in Nashville, TN. Teams of Center Managers and Care Coordinators from every state in the country were present, as well as representatives from our executive leadership team. Nearly 70 participants took part in the two day event, learning skills related to developing referral relationships in our communities. Colleagues had an opportunity to meet face-to-face,  share their successes and challenges, and offer ideas and solutions. There were rousing discussions, healthy banter, tons of laughter and even a few chants!  The enthusiasm was contagious and palpable!

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A Junior Warrior at Work

by Dr. Eric Pesetsky | Feb 6, 2018
Plantation Florida's Cleanslate Center recently hosted a Junior Warrior for Hope on Friday February 1st., to correspond to Broward County's "Take Your Kid to Work Day."
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This is What Keeps Us Going

by James Evans | Jan 22, 2018

Bloomington, Indiana:  One of our first patients in the new Bloomington location walked in by chance. The patient was walking down the street to buy dope from his dealer and happened to notice people coming inside our site. Instead of purchasing heroin as he planned, he walked in, and our fantastic MA/MR team (Kassandra Ramos and Kendria Willis) started to help him and make him feel comfortable and welcomed.

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