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“Wait Times Can Equal Death:” CleanSlate Expands Addiction Treatment in Cincinnati, Ohio with New Outpatient Center

by Cory McConnell | Jul 29, 2019

Many communities across America have no local treatment options for people suffering from addiction. Cincinnati, Ohio, is not one of those communities. The city has many treatment providers, and yet the numbers are still inadequate to handle the local need in the third largest city in one of states hit hardest by the opioid epidemic.  


Despite the gradual increase of addiction treatment providers in Ohio, many organizations leading the state’s efforts to address the epidemic--including the State Attorney General’s Office and multiple health systems--agree that Cincinnati continues to suffer from a shortage of providers delivering evidence-based, outpatient medication-assisted treatment (MAT) services.

As a response to the continued demand for high-quality outpatient addiction treatment, CleanSlate is expanding its presence in Ohio with a new MAT center in Cincinnati. The center will be opening its doors on July 31st, located at 10475 Reading Road, Suite 206, in the northern part of the city.

“Cincinnati has been overwhelmed by the opioid epidemic, with thousands of residents forced to wait weeks to receive addiction treatment,” said Anthony Belott, Chief Development Officer of CleanSlate. “Patients in Cincinnati deserve sufficient high-quality treatment options to quickly pursue recovery. CleanSlate is eager to be there for the people of this great city the minute they’re ready for help.”

Patients in Cincinnati will be able to receive treatment without incurring significant - or any - financial burden. Driven by a mission to increase access to affordable, evidence-based addiction treatment, CleanSlate participates in-network with most Medicaid and commercial providers in the state of Ohio.

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Removing barriers to connect directly with patients

Hamilton County, where Cincinnati sits, ranks second out of 88 counties for overdose fatalities in the state, and over the past five years the county has experienced a 1000% increase in fatalities from synthetic opioids. In January of this year, Hamilton County was wracked by ten overdoses in less than 24 hours.

Experts agree that a critical step to combating the addiction epidemic is increasing access to MAT, with wraparound services that address other obstacles to recovery, including behavioral health and legal issues.

Above all, treatment needs to be quickly available for those in critical need. 

“Wait times can equal death for patients, and we have heard about patients in this area waiting as long as six weeks or 60 days to see a provider,” said Joan Erwin, CleanSlate’s Senior Vice President of Business Development. “Less than half the people in Cincinnati who suffer from addiction are in treatment. With this many options in the city, that tells us there’s a problem with accessing services. It’s a challenge that CleanSlate is determined to overcome.”

“We have a totally different approach than many MAT providers,” said Dr. Robyn Chatman, Medical Director of CleanSlate Cincinnati. “We try to remove every barrier so that we can connect directly with the patients who need us most. Cincinnatians are desperate for more options, and the people we have met are excited to have us in town.”

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More than 41,000 patients treated

CleanSlate currently operates four other locations in Ohio, in Columbus, Lewis Center, Moraine, and Springfield, with more Ohio centers scheduled to open later this year. Since the company began operating in Ohio six months ago, it has already begun treating more than 120 patients.

CleanSlate’s program of care includes appropriate medication treatment prescribed by licensed medical providers, as well as clear accountability, supportive counseling, and care coordination. Over the past decade, CleanSlate has treated more than 41,000 patients, with more than 14,000 patients currently being treated in 11 states. The company continues to expand its services across the country to increase desperately-needed access to outpatient medication treatment for addiction. 

“Addiction isn’t a battle that can be won alone,” said Michael Cloughessy, Center Manager of CleanSlate Cincinnati. “We have found many willing collaborators in Cincinnati who recognize the quality of our evidence-based programming and are eager to complement this approach with their existing efforts. CleanSlate is grateful for the partnership of leaders in this community, because it is together that we succeed.”

To make an appointment at CleanSlate’s Cincinnati center, please call 513-250-4242, or walk into our center at 10475 Reading Road, Suite 206. To find out more details about this center, click here.

Learn more about CleanSlate at To schedule an appointment at any CleanSlate center, please visit to find the center nearest you. All CleanSlate centers accept walk-ins.

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