Centers welcomes Gov. Scott’s proposed legislation and funding requests to ensure addiction patients in Florida have access to the resources and treatment they need.

We strongly agree with the governor that the safest and most effective way to treat addiction is through a physician-led, medication-based approach. Every CleanSlate center has a certified lead physician who is specifically trained in delivering quality medication treatment and works with a team of doctors, licensed practitioners and other medical professionals to tailor treatment for each patient. Moreover, we are uniquely suited to participate in the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, just as we do in other states where we operate.

We applaud the State of Florida for recognizing that the historical approach to addiction treatment is no longer enough. This fight requires a collective effort from many organizations – law enforcement, healthcare providers and payers, elected officials and others – to ensure those suffering from addiction have access to the appropriate care.

To that end, earlier today, we proudly announced a new partnership with Humana which will allow Humana Medicare Advantage and employer plan members to have in-network access for CleanSlate services across Florida. CleanSlate has immediate plans to expand across Florida to ensure we are a valuable partner for communities seeking to help residents achieve the lives they want and deserve.