“As a committed part of Indiana’s fight against the opioid addiction epidemic, we applaud Gov. Holcomb’s decision to expand access to opioid addiction treatment in Indiana. CleanSlate currently provides safe and effective outpatient treatment at four locations in Indiana – Anderson, Elkhart, Ft. Wayne and Merrillville. In the coming weeks, we will open an Indianapolis location.

The fight against the opioid epidemic requires a coordinated and collective front. As part of our commitment to serving the broad spectrum of Indiana patients in need of effective treatment, CleanSlate has proudly formed partnerships with major health insurance providers across the state – including IHCP-Traditional Medicaid, Physicians Health Plan of Northern Indiana, Anthem, Optum/United Health Group and Veteran’s Health Administration – as well as local mental health, primary care and emergency care providers in the communities we serve.

We are particularly pleased that Gov. Holcombe and FSSA Secretary Dr. Jennifer Walthall recognize the importance of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) in this fight. Addiction is a chronic disease requiring medical treatment, and the vital role medicine-based treatment plays in effectively treating opioid and alcohol addiction has been at the heart of the CleanSlate’s office-based outpatient treatment model since 2009. Expanding access to this type of evidence-based treatment is the right step for Indiana.

We are warriors for hope, proud to stand alongside the State of Indiana on the front lines of the opioid epidemic and fight to expand access to treatment and save lives.”