Regarding today’s announcement from the Obama Administration, Amanda Wilson, MD, President and CEO, Clean Slate Centers stated:

“The opioid and heroin epidemic is a national crisis that requires all of our resources including those of the federal government. By working together with leaders from the national, state, and local levels, we will positively impact this epidemic and provide quality care and recovery for those struggling with addiction.”

Kelly J. Clark, MD, MBA, DFAPA, DFASAM, CMO of CleanSlate Centers and President Elect of the American Society of Addiction Medicine added:

“CleanSlate Centers has been a pioneer in treating addiction using a combined biological, psychological, and social approach. This evidenced-based care has proven effective in helping those in need to succeed in managing this challenging disorder. The Administration’s recognition of the critical importance of addressing the epidemic through expanding access to life saving medical care may well prove to be a turning point in our fight against this disease.”

About CleanSlate Centers

CleanSlate Centers was founded in 2009 in response to the growing opioid epidemic facing the country. A network of outpatient addiction treatment centers, CleanSlate provides compassionate, effective, medication assisted treatment and related therapies for patients who have addiction and associated disorders using the highest quality, evidence-base