TEWKSBURY, MA, September 24 – Massachusetts-based CleanSlate Centers has now opened a new practice location at 170 Main Street in Tewksbury and is actively accepting new patients for the practice.

CleanSlate Centers is a collection of outpatient addiction treatment centers that specializes in the treatment of opioid dependence with medical management utilizing buprenorphine (Suboxone) and naltrexone (Vivitrol). CleanSlate’s office-based opioid treatment programs were recognized for their innovation and effectiveness and awarded the 2012 Science and Service Award for Office-Based Opioid Treatment Programs by The Substance Abuse and Mental Heath Service Administration (SAMHSA), a federal agency. The Tewksbury Center is CleanSlate’s ninth location, with others located throughout eastern, western, and central Massachusetts.

CleanSlate’s treatment method involves a combination of medical management in combination with counseling. Research has shown that successful treatment of addiction requires a combination of physician supervised medical treatment and behavioral therapy. CleanSlate’s compassionate approach to care has resulted in a patient retention rate over 3 times greater than the current national average.

Opioid overdoses in Massachusetts kill 2 people each day. Over the past decade, the Commonwealth has seen a 950% increase in opioid abuse. As a result of this staggering increase, In 2014, Governor Deval Patrick declared a public health emergency for the state of Massachusetts. It is estimated there are over 360,000opioid-dependent persons currently resising in MA. (Roughly 3.6% of the population.

“CleanSlate Centers was founded in response to this growing epidemic,” said Amanda Wilson, MD, CleanSlate Founder and CEO. “Middlesex county has felt the impact of this statewide epidemic particulary hard. The availability of quality treatment for those struggling with addiction is limited, and increasing access to comprehensive, compassionate care is imperative.”

About CleanSlate Centers

CleanSlate Centers is an organization committed to providing compassionate and effective medication assisted treatment and related therapies for patients who have addiction and associated disorders using the highest quality, evidence based practices.

CleanSlate accepts most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid. Since most insurers provide coverage for CleanSlate’s services, a patients’ out-of-pocket costs are typically limited to treatment and medication co-payments. To schedule an appointment, call CleanSlate’s toll-free intake line at 1.800.NEW.START.