NORTHAMPTON, MA, June 5 – CleanSlate Centers is proud to announce their sponsorship of The Kennedy Forum Conference and Gala on June 8 – 9, 2015 in Boston, MA.

The Kennedy Forum seeks to improve the standard for mental health and substance abuse in the nation’s health care system. They have initiated constructive change through their focus on full implementation of the 2008 Parity Law, which extends health insurance coverage to include mental health and substance abuse issues. In addition to bringing the Parity Law into full effect, The Kennedy Forum is working to reduce stigma and raise awareness around mental health and substance abuse. This is being accomplished by improving the quality of mental health care providers, boosting provider and payer accountability, and employing new technology and fitness practices to develop both preventative and treatment intervention.

The Kennedy Forum on Community Mental Health will take place in Boston, MA over a two-day period. On June 8th, 2015 The Kennedy Forum will host a Gala at The John F. Kennedy Library with a VIP keynote speaker program.

CleanSlate Centers fully endorses the efforts of The Kennedy Forum. To show their support, CleanSlate Centers has become a 2015 Kennedy Forum Sponsor. CleanSlate’s mission of increasing access to quality, effective, compassionate addiction treatment is perfectly in keeping with the type of reform The Kennedy Forum proudly advocates. “CleanSlate is thrilled to become a sponsor of The Kennedy Forum Conference. We are two like-minded organizations that are working for change,” said CleanSlate President and CEO, Dr. Amanda Wilson. “As a member of CleanSlate’s Board of Directors, Patrick has given us incredible support and advice. We are happy to lend support as well through our sponsorship.

Patrick J. Kennedy, Former Congressman and Founder of The Kennedy Forum, has recently accepted a seat on the Board of Directors at CleanSlate Centers. “I’m very excited to be working with CleanSlate as a board member, especially during this period of expansion,” said Kennedy. “CleanSlate has a treatment system in place that has proven its worth in tackling the opioid epidemic. I am happy to announce them as a valued Sponsor of The Kennedy Forum.”

About CleanSlate Centers

CleanSlate Centers was founded in 2009 in response to the growing opioid epidemic facing the country. A collection of outpatient addiction treatment centers, CleanSlate provides compassionate, effective, medication assisted treatment and related therapies for patients who have addiction and associated disorders using the highest quality, evidence based practices.

In recognition of their innovation and effectiveness, CleanSlate’s treatment programs received the inaugural 2012 Science and Service Award for Office-based Opioid Treatment by the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA.)