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Virginia's State of Emergency with Opioid Epidemic Prompts CleanSlate to Open Addiction Center in South Richmond

by Jonathan Candee | Mar 27, 2019

All states are affected by the opioid epidemic, but not all states are responding to this crisis with urgency. 

Virginia is.

As the state with the 18th highest rate of overdose deaths, Virginia declared its opioid epidemic to be a public health emergency last year. The state has since developed financial incentives to increase access to treatment.

Amidst this serious response, CleanSlate Outpatient Addiction Treatment is opening the first of several new outpatient centers for medication-addiction treatment in Virginia. The company's inaugural Virginia center, located in South Richmond at 101 Cowardin Avenue, Suite 202, opened its doors to patients last week.

"South Richmond needs more treatment providers to save lives, and CleanSlate is eager to join the community battling the opioid epidemic here," said Brian Coonan, Regional Director of Operations in Virginia. "Our S. Richmond center is located within the same building as a Federally Qualified Health Center, where any of our patients can access a wide range of health services. The FQHC and other stakeholders in this community have welcomed us with open arms, and we look forward to close collaborations with new partners."

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CleanSlate's New Medication-Assisted Treatment Center in Altoona, Pennsylvania Underscores Commitment to Address Statewide Disaster

by Jonathan Candee | Nov 20, 2018

Altoona, PA - CleanSlate Centers, a national leader in outpatient addiction medicine, has responded to the urgent need for more medication-assisted treatment (MAT) services in Pennsylvania by expanding into Altoona, the eleventh most populous city in the state. The company’s newest outpatient MAT center for opioid and alcohol addictions, which joins six other CleanSlate centers in Pennsylvania, is located at 501 Howard Avenue, Suite #A202and opens its doors to patients on Thursday, November 29th.

Over the last decade, Pennsylvania has experienced more overdose deaths than almost any other state in the country, claiming 38 lives for every 100,000 residents. The opioid epidemic has touched every part of Pennsylvania, leading Gov. Tom Wolf to declare - earlier this year - the first-ever Statewide Disaster Declaration for a public health crisis in Pennsylvania.

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A Warrior Among Us - A Voice from the Recovery Community

by Jonathan Candee | Nov 19, 2018

As a man in long term recovery, I can attest that one of the most unfaltering truths is that addiction does not discriminate. This heartbreaking disease leaves no demographic or socio-economic group immune to the suffering addiction brings. Race, gender, sexual preference, and age cannot predict who will be impacted. Over the years in active recovery, I was taught to share my experience with others in three stages: what it was like; what Happened; and what it is like today. I share my story with you today in the hope someone can identify and feel inspired by the blessing of long-term recovery.

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