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How the COVID-19 Pandemic Impacted CleanSlate’s Provider Network

by James Meacham, M.D. | Apr 2, 2021

As health care providers, we frequently face challenges as we develop plans of care for our patients. These difficulties are often things beyond our control, such as social and economic factors. It is not often a global pandemic comes along and upends an entire health care delivery system.

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How can friends and family support loved ones in recovery during COVID-19?

by James Meacham, M.D. | Nov 24, 2020

The coronavirus continues to cause tremendous stress around the globe. With worries about getting sick, the health of loved ones, job security and social distancing, many people are struggling at this time. In particular, increased isolation and disrupted routines are especially difficult for individuals in recovery. Isolation can lead to conditions like anxiety and depression, which are often co-occurring disorders with addiction. Maintaining contact with your loved one is a crucial part of supporting them on their recovery journey. A simple text or call can have a large impact, or get creative while social distancing. Do an activity you both enjoy virtually or have a safe hangout outdoors, distanced and wearing masks.

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Supporting a loved one in addiction recovery during the holiday season

by James Meacham, M.D. | Nov 20, 2020

The holidays can be a special time to be close to loved ones, but this year the COVID-19 pandemic is a source of increased anxiety. In addition to typical holiday stressors – like the need to find the perfect gift or tension among extended family members – families will be trying to navigate the holidays while staying safe from the virus.This holiday season may be an especially difficult time for individuals in addiction recovery as stress and loneliness caused by social distancing measures can lead to a return to negative coping habits. If your loved one is in recovery, your support and consideration during the holidays could greatly ease their anxiety and make it more enjoyable.Here are our tips for supporting a loved one in recovery during the holiday season:

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