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Men’s Health Month: What Factors Make Men Vulnerable to Addiction?

by Brian Coonan | May 26, 2021

June is Men’s Health Month and an opportunity to take a closer look at the role mental health and stigma play in addiction treatment for men. Certain factors can make men more vulnerable to addiction and mental or behavioral health issues, and often a stigma against seeking treatment can exacerbate the problem.

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Maintaining Recovery After Receiving Your Stimulus Check

by Brian Coonan | Apr 6, 2021

Millions of Americans have already received $1,400 stimulus payments and more are on the way.

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Tears of Joy: the Quiet, Inspiring Revolution of Drug Courts

by Brian Coonan | May 14, 2019

National Drug Court Month, observed throughout May, may seem insignificant to those who don’t understand the critical role that drug courts play in our society. But drug courts symbolize an approach to addiction that has been quietly revolutionary.

What exactly do drug courts do?

In short, drug courts leverage the judicial system to keep people engaged in treatment long enough to be successful.

What this means to individuals and society at large is extraordinary. Drug courts have proven to be places of hope, helping people repair their lives, reconnect with their families and engage in long-term recovery. Tears of joy often take place within the walls of drug courts, as people graduate from programs and pivot to becoming productive citizens.

Far from being bureaucratic drudgeries, drug courts have become one of the most successful strategies for cutting crime and saving both lives and tax dollars.

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Helping Families Fight Addiction

by Brian Coonan | Apr 3, 2018

CleanSlate Director Brian Coonan first posted this blog on

Recently, I sat with a 46-year-old mother of three whose 24-year-old son recently overdosed for the third time in 5 weeks.  “How does it keep happening?” she asked, rhetorically. 

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