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National Recovery Month: Facts You May Not Know About Addiction

by Bradley Helton | Jul 26, 2021

September is National Recovery Month. Every year at this time, we recognize the importance of spreading awareness of substance use disorders and working to end the opioid epidemic. While the nation’s focus largely shifted to the COVID-19 pandemic last year, the opioid crisis continued to worsen in the background. It is important to understand how the disease of addiction affects people in different ways and that every recovery journey is different. By becoming more informed, we can help raise awareness of addiction and combat it. 

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What’s Next for CleanSlate? Reflecting on the Pandemic as We Look to the Future

by Bradley Helton | Apr 2, 2021

No one could have predicted the events that took place in 2020. As if the opioid epidemic wasn’t a big enough challenge for our country, together we battled a global pandemic that caught everyone off guard. COVID-19 has led to dramatic loss worldwide and the economic and social disruption it caused has been devastating. The United States recorded the highest number of drug overdoses ever in a single year. Millions of people were forced into isolation, schools and daycares closed and many lost their jobs. Access to everyday staples like toilet paper and, for many, nutritious foods was limited. The list is overwhelming.

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