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One Year Later: CleanSlate Employees Reflect on Key Learnings from the COVID-19 Pandemic

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CARF: The Most Important Name For Addiction Treatment

What Triggers Alcohol Dependence?

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How Addiction Affects the Body

6 Facts You Might Not Know About Addiction

Outpatient Alcohol Rehab - The Basics Explained

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Mental Wellness Month: Tips for Taking Care of Your Mental Health

How can friends and family support loved ones in recovery during COVID-19?

Supporting a loved one in addiction recovery during the holiday season

Thankfulness in Recovery – celebrating the small wins

Tips for Maintaining Recovery During Physical Distancing

The Importance of Continuing Addiction Treatment During COVID-19

The Alarming Rise of Drug Deaths in Franklin County, Ohio

Community Partnership Expands Addiction Recovery Options in Mansfield, Pennsylvania

CleanSlate Adds Three Addiction Treatment Centers in Massachusetts

Philadelphia County Experiences Decrease in Overdose Deaths

Obstructing the Opioid Overflow in Cuyahoga County, Ohio

What CleanSlate is Doing to Address the Epidemic Claiming the Lives of Three Virginians Per Day

CleanSlate Opens Second Center to Support Montgomery County, Ohio

CleanSlate Center in North Adams, Massachusetts, is Meeting Patients Where They Are

Breaking the Wave of Opioid Addiction in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Addressing Opioid Addiction in La Crosse, Wisconsin

Taking Aim at Opioid and Alcohol Addictions in Noblesville, IN

Tackling Opioid Addiction in Green Bay, Wisconsin

New Addiction Treatment Option comes to Rock County, Wisconsin

“You’re the First Person Who Made Me Feel Like I Was Worth Anything;” National Addiction Treatment Week Shows the Profound Rewards of Addiction Medicine

Why Are We Continuing to Make Life-Saving Addiction Treatment So Hard to Access?

State Representative Aaron Vega Visits CleanSlate Center in Holyoke, Massachusetts

Making Strides Against Opioid Addiction in Warren County, Kentucky

Learn How to Detect and Respond to an Overdose in Honor of International Overdose Awareness Day

Hope for Montgomery County: CleanSlate Opens Center in East Dayton, OH

A Pregnant Patient in Recovery Did Everything Right, but Stigma Threatened her Parental Rights

We've Been on the Frontlines of the Opioid Epidemic for a Decade. Here are 4 Approaches That Are Working.

Kentucky is #1 in Lawsuits Against Opioid Companies but Lags in Treatment Options. CleanSlate is Changing That Shortage in Owensboro.

“Wait Times Can Equal Death” – CleanSlate Expands Addiction Treatment in Cincinnati, Ohio

"Relapse" Sounds Like a Bad Word. But Recovery Often Comes with a Slip.

Reviving Overdose Victims Isn't Enough to Save Their Lives. The Milwaukee Task Force We Support Gets This.

CleanSlate Opens New Addiction Treatment Center in Madison, Wisconsin, Expanding Support of State's Fierce Battle Against Opioid Epidemic

Moraine, Ohio, Has Begged for More High Quality Addiction Treatment Providers. CleanSlate Answers The Call With New Outpatient Center.

Bright Spot with Opioid Epidemic: Prescription Opioid Use Plummeting, Medication Treatment Growing

In the "Addiction Treatment Desert" of Richmond, Indiana, CleanSlate Lights Hope with New Outpatient Center

A Big Military Town Gets Reinforcements for Opioid Epidemic: CleanSlate Brings More Addiction Treatment to Norfolk, Virginia

The Fuzzy Borders Between Social Drinking and Alcohol Dependence

CleanSlate Brings Affordable, High-Quality Addiction Treatment to Greencastle, Indiana with New Outpatient Center

Medication-Assisted Treatment Works. Here’s 4 Reasons Why It’s Rarely Used.

The Veterans Administration is Making Progress on the Opioid Battlefield

Mental Illness Isn't Crazy

Tears of Joy: the Quiet, Inspiring Revolution of Drug Courts

A Reassuring Mother's Day Message for Pregnant Women Struggling with Addiction

In Greenwood, Indiana, Addiction Treatment Leaders CleanSlate and Valle Vista Health System Create Campus Style of Care

Ohio's Week of Appreciation Honors Heroes Fighting the Opioid Epidemic. (P.S. - We're Not the Heroes.)

They Were Losing the Battle Against the Opioid Epidemic. Then Plymouth County, Massachusetts Revolutionized the Playbook.

CleanSlate Answers Need for Medication-Assisted Treatment Providers in Bethlehem, Penn. with New Outpatient Center

"Now I Can Buy Groceries!" What Insurance Coverage vs. Cash for Addiction Treatment Means to Patients

Save Lives: Dispose Leftover Meds on National Prescription Drug Take Back Day, April 27th

Why It’s So Easy for People with Alcoholism to Live in Denial

Battle Against Opioid Epidemic in Kenosha County, Wisconsin Gets More Support with CleanSlate’s New Center for Medication-Assisted Treatment

MAT Facts: Why is There Any Stigma Against Medication-Assisted Treatment?

In Area With Highest Overdose Death Rate in Kentucky, CleanSlate and The Bradley Center Combine Forces to Battle Opioid Epidemic

“We’re In This Together;” Addiction Patients in Emerging Medication-Assisted Treatment Support Groups Discover a Community They Didn’t Think Existed

Virginia's State of Emergency with Opioid Epidemic Prompts CleanSlate to Open Addiction Center in South Richmond

Emergency Rooms in Lexington, Kentucky Desperately Need More Medication-Assisted Treatment Providers. CleanSlate's New Outpatient Center Will Help.

MAT Facts: How Does Methadone Work?

MAT Facts: How Does Naltrexone Work?

MAT Facts: How Does Buprenorphine Work?

AA and NA Won’t Accept Them, so People in Medication-Assisted Treatment Are Starting Their Own Addiction Support Groups

MAT Facts: What is Medication-Assisted Treatment?

Along Ohio's "Heroin Highway," CleanSlate Opens New Medication-Assisted Treatment Center in Springfield

He Had a Heroin Addiction, West Nile Virus, and Endocarditis. The Healthcare System Failed Him; A Certified Recovery Specialist Empowered Him.

During National Children's Dental Health Month, Let's Discuss the Risks of Dental Opioid Prescriptions

Surprised at Which Group is Suffering Skyrocketing Rates of Overdoses? You Shouldn't Be.

What Does Valentine's Day Have to do with the Opioid Epidemic?

Emergency Rooms are Starting to Treat Addiction Patients Like They Have a Disease. Because They Do.

In Warsaw, Indiana, CleanSlate Increases Access to Addiction Treatment with New Outpatient Center

What You Don't Know About a Pill Could Kill You

Stigma Against Addiction Medication Fading, Ringing in Hopeful Signs for Opioid Epidemic in 2019

CleanSlate Partners with Oakwood Clinical Associates to Bring Wide Range of Addiction Treatment to Kenosha County, Wisconsin

A $1 Billion Crisis in Floyd County, Indiana Spurs CleanSlate to Open New Addiction Treatment Center

Recovery from Addiction Includes Recovering Trust

CleanSlate Opens Addiction Treatment Center in West Indianapolis to Help City Build on Progress with Overdose Revival, Improve Rates of Recovery

CleanSlate Brings High-Quality Addiction Treatment to the Hard-Hit Westside Area of Columbus, Ohio

CleanSlate Targets Area Where Non-Fatal Overdoses are Highest in Milwaukee County for Its Fifth Addiction Treatment Center in Wisconsin

At Its "Center of Excellence" in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, CleanSlate Expands Addiction Treatment Capacity with New, Larger Location

Law Enforcement is Changing Its Response to the Opioid Epidemic. Here's How.

Reducing Barriers to Recovery in Indiana: CleanSlate Opens Outpatient Addiction Center in Kokomo

CleanSlate Increases Indiana's Access to Medication-Assisted Treatment for Addiction with New Outpatient Center in Lafayette

CleanSlate's New Medication-Assisted Treatment Center in Altoona, Pennsylvania Underscores Commitment to Address Statewide Disaster

Stories of Recovery: From Jail and "Dysfunctional" to a Healthcare Professional Treating Others with Addiction

New Addiction Center in Muncie Expands CleanSlate's Leadership of Medication-Assisted Treatment in Indiana

In Lewis Center, Ohio, Addiction Leader CleanSlate Opens Medication-Assisted Treatment Center That Fast-Tracks Pregnant Patients

CleanSlate Partners with Building Blocks Counseling in Phoenix to Create a New Campus Style of Care for Addiction Treatment

"I Hit Bottom and Had Nothing Left to Lose:" One CleanSlate Employee's Journey to Recovery

National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week Draws Attention to Underage Drinking

Choosing the Best Treatment Path for Your Addiction

"I Was Shocked When My Husband Told Me He Had an Addiction:" Coping With a Loved One's Substance Use Disorder

Can I Afford Addiction Treatment?

Recognizing the Signs of Opioid and Alcohol Addictions

A Focus on Hope for National Recovery Month

In Alexandria, Indiana, CleanSlate's New Medication Treatment Center Creates One-Stop Location for Health Care Beyond Addiction

Looking Beyond Overdose on International Overdose Awareness Day

For CleanSlate's "Top Addiction Medicine Doc" in Philadelphia, Expertise Came from Heartbreaking Family Trauma

CleanSlate Opens Medication Treatment Center in Louisville to Combat "#1 Threat to Kentucky"

CleanSlate's New Medication Treatment Center in Racine, Wisconsin Increases Much-Needed Access to Addiction Treatment

"I Have Stepped Out of the Darkness, Into the Joy of Living Again": One Patient's Account of CleanSlate's Alcohol Treatment

Just Out of Jail and Desperate to Avoid a Relapse: Jessica's Story

Addiction Crisis in the Workforce: How Employers are Combating the Opioid Epidemic

Co-Occurring Disorders: The Link Between Addiction and Mental Health

Lilian's Story: Pregnant and Addicted to Opioids

In Fitchburg, MA, CleanSlate Opens a Medication Treatment Center Led by Compassion

A Mother's Day Wish for Pregnant Women Suffering from Opioid Use Disorder

How Doctors Can Help Pregnant Patients with Opioid Use Disorder

5 Steps to Take When Someone You Know Suffers from Addiction

Why Aren't We Talking About One of the Most Effective Treatments for Alcoholism?

At CleanSlate's New Addiction Treatment Center in Pittsburgh, a Local Team with Personal Experience in Recovery

New Health Department Guidelines May Curb Stigma of Medication for Addiction Treatment

CleanSlate Responds to San Antonio’s Heroin Epidemic with New Medication Treatment Center for Opioid and Alcohol Addictions

Memo to Washington: These 2 Policy Steps Can Save Lives from the Opioid Epidemic

Helping Families Fight Addiction

CleanSlate Increases Philadelphia’s Access to Medication Treatment for Opioid Addiction With Second New Center

4 Steps to Protect Your Kids from Opioid Addiction

Three New CleanSlate Centers in Indiana Prepare for Grand Opening Events in April

Policy Strides Increase Access to Medication Treatment for Opioid Addiction

Community Partner Spotlight: Jim McClelland, Indiana's "Drug Czar," Takes Aim at the State's Opioid Epidemic

CleanSlate's CEO and Chief Medical Officer to Present at National Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit

CleanSlate Opens Jacksonville Center to Expand Medication Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder

The Facts About Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid and Alcohol Addictions

Philadelphia Mayor and Other Special Guests to Speak at Grand Opening of CleanSlate's Philadelphia Center on Feb. 21st

The Economic Costs of the Opioid Epidemic Means We Invest Now or Pay Later

Pennsylvania's Newly Declared Disaster Emergency Raises Hopes in Hard-Hit Philadelphia

In Massachusetts, Progress with Reducing Overdoses Related to the Opioid Epidemic Has a Catch

While Wisconsin Faces the Opioid Epidemic, it’s also Battling a Different Addiction

People Thought Zika was Florida’s Worst Nightmare. But it was Something Else.

Here's the Real Killer in our Opioid Catastrophe

Veterans Day Mission: Save Our Heroes on the Opioid Battlefield at Home

National Recovery Month is over, but the Work Continues

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