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"I Was Shocked When My Husband Told Me He Had an Addiction:" Coping With a Loved One's Substance Use Disorder

by Amy Brunson | Oct 8, 2018

The effects of addiction ripple out widely, to parents, children, spouses, other relatives, friends and colleagues. Facing the addiction of someone you care about can be terrifying, confusing, and fraught with emotion, making it tough to figure out  the best steps to help your loved one. 

At CleanSlate, some of our staff came to work in the field of addiction medicine because of their personal experience with addiction, whether through their own substance use disorder or that of a loved one. We asked several of these employees to share their journeys of coping and recovery for a Pocket Guide directed towards families and friends of people suffering from addiction. 

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A Focus on Hope for National Recovery Month

by Amy Brunson | Sep 4, 2018

The daily headlines about the opioid epidemic are tragic and overwhelming. And the numbing news onslaught rarely even includes the other epidemic, alcoholism, which accounts for more than double the deaths each year than those from opioids. 

But the disease of addiction doesn't claim everyone it touches. Millions of Americans who once suffered from substance use disorder (SUD) have achieved recovery and gone on to completely transform their lives. These inspiring stories are common, and they don't get nearly the attention they deserve.

National Recovery Month aims to change that balance. Every September, Recovery Month provides a platform to celebrate those who have achieved recovery and to offer awareness and hope around SUD and mental health.  

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In Alexandria, Indiana, CleanSlate's New Medication Treatment Center Creates One-Stop Location for Health Care Beyond Addiction

by Amy Brunson | Sep 3, 2018

Alexandria, IN  - CleanSlate Centers, a national leader in outpatient medication treatment for opioid and alcohol addiction, is now seeing patients by appointment or walk-in at its new center in Alexandria, Indiana. The office-based center, located at 101 Harrison St., Alexandria, serves as an extension of CleanSlate's busy center in nearby Anderson, and is the company's ninth center across the state. Less than a month after opening its doors, CleanSlate's Alexandria center is already seeing 50 patients.

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Looking Beyond Overdose on International Overdose Awareness Day

by Amy Brunson | Aug 31, 2018

Today is International Overdose Awareness Day, a global event to commemorate the thousands of lives lost every year to overdose.

The annual observation is also designed to reduce the stigma of drug-related deaths and raise support for effective, evidence-based drug policies that save lives.

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